Gluten Free Muffins – Casein Free Muffins

Gluten Free Muffins

Making some Gluten Free Muffins at home in Scotland

Gluten free muffins – casein free muffins

I love the honesty of Andre in this article about gluten free muffins. Too long have gluten free muffins tasted like cardboard, or have fallen apart all around you as soon as you take a bite! I hope you enjoy this article about gluten free muffins.

Gluten Free Muffins

Look for delicious and healthy gluten free and casein free muffins baked with almond flour to avoid the bad tasting and poor nutrition often associated with gluten free food.

If you are someone who has a gluten or wheat allergy, or suffers from celiac disease, there is a good chance you dearly miss the fresh taste of a fresh baked muffin. And you are not alone if you have been disappointed by the taste of texture of gluten free muffins you may have tried. These diet restrictions require the total absence of wheat products which is the foundation for all of our years of baking knowledge and craftsmanship.

Improvements in gluten free baking

The good news is that many of the recipes for our favorite morning products such as muffins are now getting better tasting and more nutritious. Recent improvements in baking products have allowed bakeries to create gluten free muffins that look and taste great. Today you can find choices for gluten free muffins including apple cinnamon, banana nut and even the ever popular blueberry muffin!

Gluten free muffins are often shunned for being small, dense and poor tasting (at best) and serving as a poor substitute for those who had once enjoyed “the real thing.” Let’s face it – it’s difficult to enjoy a product that tastes like cardboard and looks about as appetizing. Making matters worse is the struggle to add nutrition to gluten free muffins that are stripped of many ingredients in an effort to keep out wheat additives.

The Almond Flour Revolution

One of the recent major breakthroughs in gluten free baking is the use of almond flour. This flour is created by finely crushing and milling blanched almonds. The end product is finely milled flour that is surprisingly similar to wheat in texture. Even better is the fact that almond flour is packed with nutrition. Unlike most gluten free baking products, almond flour is loaded with protein and other nutrients that help add “substance” to products such as gluten free muffins.

Almond flour is a great substitute some of the rice flour or mixes you may find on the market. Almond flour recipes generally call for eggs, cinnamon, salt, vanilla, baking powder and many of the ingredients you would expect to find in desserts or other baked goods. The more nutritious recipes however may skip things like butter, chocolate or oil that may add unwanted calories or fat.

Don’t give up on your favorite muffins!

If you are tired of the search for edible breakfast foods or have been burned before with barely edible muffins don’t despair. Look for a gluten free bakery that uses almond flour and try some of their products. Or better yet – purchase some almond flour for use at home and try it out on your own favorite recipes.

You can enjoy gluten free muffins again!

The evolution of gluten free baking has been bumpy at best. And despite all of our technological advances it has been difficult to consistently achieve consistent results with gluten free products and make them taste like “the real thing.” However new uses for products such as almond flour give gluten sufferers a chance to enjoy the taste of muffins without sacrificing their health. And with these new recipes you can bake muffins that you will love eating!

So go ahead – try out a blueberry or apple banana muffin! Or throw in your favorite fruit or even try old standbys like pumpkin or carrot. Almond flour will help you spend less time in the kitchen with quick, easy recipes that can be out of the oven in just minutes.

Article written by Andre’ Savoie 4/29/2009

Andre’ Savoie writes for The Health Nut Bakery, which provides great tasting and nutritious gluten free and casein free foods such as muffins. We run a totally gluten free bakery which means you can enjoy our products such as gluten free muffins with no fear of cross contamination from potentially allergen causing wheat products. If you have any questions contact us at 1-985-641-9222

Glory Foods makes amazing gluten free muffins. So if you can’t make it out to Louisiana to visit The Health Nut Bakery, give Glory Foods a try in the UK. Unfortunately it appears that The Health Nut Bakery website isn’t working properly just now, but I’m sure their gluten free muffins still taste good! We supply local businesses with gluten free muffins and other gluten free baked goods. Soon we will be offering home packs too!
Watch this space for gluten free muffins from Glory Foods.


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