What Should You Know About a Gluten Free Diet?

What Should You Know About Gluten Free Diet?

By Shabi

Gluten Free DietI can tell you truthfully that up until very recently I had absolutely no clue as to what a gluten free diet was. I didn’t have even a grain of an idea that I could base my knowledge upon. I have since found out however, that gluten is what you would call the protein part of certain grains like wheat, barley, rye or other similar grains. Some people are found to be allergic to the gluten in these grains and so need to have a gluten free diet.

Unfortunately that’s not as easy as it sounds. And since a person who suffers from gluten intolerance or celiac disease has to live their whole lives on a gluten free diet to be able to live normal healthy lives, they will need to consult with a doctor or nutritionist first. If they don’t get the diet that’s right for them, they could be facing many problems.

If you suffer from either of these gluten allergies don’t worry overly much however as there is hope. A diet that can suit your special needs can be formulated and you can live a good life. All you need to remember is to stay away from wheat based products. Again that might not be so easy to do, but with help you can find the right gluten free diet for you.

If you like oats, then you’ll be glad to hear that you don’t need to eliminate oats or oat products from your diet. If they’ve been processed free of the contaminating effects of wheat or such other grains, then you should be okay. But you will have to make sure that this is the case otherwise you will be inadvertently admitting some gluten into your system.

Lots of choice on a gluten free diet – think positively

Foods that you could eat on your gluten free diet can include corn, soya, rice, and tapioca. You also have the choice of jams, and marmalades, sugar, honey, treacle and molasses as well. If that’s not enough your gluten free diet can include all fresh fruits and vegetables, along with eggs, milk, creams, butters and cheese. If you want still more then you can also have tea and coffee, fizzy drinks and most alcoholic drinks as well.

Avoid ready meals when on a gluten free diet

Although it might not be that easy to stay on your gluten free diet if you start buying ready prepared foods, as these might contain products with gluten in them. And if not actual gluten based products they might have been processed somewhere close to where there are gluten based products.

So really if you just stick to the fresh side of your food, and stay away from canned or ready made goods, then you should be okay with your gluten free product. Along with this however, you should also stay away from anything that has wheat or suchlike in it as this can entirely destroy your gluten free diet. With a little bit of careful planning you should be alright, and your diet should stay intact.

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I hope you enjoyed reading this article about a gluten free diet. I hope you can see there is a wide range of gluten free foods you can eat, and that it is possible to have a full and varied diet, even though it is a gluten free diet. If you really miss baked goods then you might be interested in contacting Glory Foods in the UK for a pack of our gluten free cakes and baked goods. All of our products are ready to use for people on a gluten free diet.


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  1. Emma @ my darling lemon thyme says:

    Hey thanks for stopping by my blog. My brother just moved back to NZ from 3 years living in Scotland and with our Galloway last name our roots lie there too. I’d love to visit one day!

  2. Cynthia says:

    Very interesting site! Cheers!

  3. Angela says:

    Hi! The articles on here are fab! I loved reading them, so thanks. Just a little thing though; lots of new products are now available and safe for coeliacs including ready meals like my range. We use only great quality natural food and the meals are all gluten & wheat free. Kindest. Angela

  4. admin says:

    Hey there Angela! You’re right – it is a growing market, as people realise their wheat intolerance, and many are going on a full gluten free diet. All the best! Chris – Glory Foods

  5. Chris says:

    Thanks Cynthia! The site is a work in progress. 🙂 We’re still taking professional pictures of all our products to be displayed online. I’m enjoying eating the photo products though!

  6. Chris says:

    Hi Emma! If you’re ever over here in Scotland drop by for a coffee and cake! 🙂 All the best, Chris – Glory Foods

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