Glory Foods Gluten Free UK


Welcome to Glory Foods Gluten Free. We are a manufacturer of gluten free baked goods in Scotland.

We are a growing company, offering packs of hand made gluten free cakes to cafes, restaurants and coffee shops as well as home packs of our amazing gluten free products for home consumption.

If you are interested in purchasing our products take a look at our products and you can buy a pack in our online shop.

We’ll deliver our packs by courier, and you can take out just what you need for that day.

Some products, like our gluten free muffins, are precooked and then frozen. All you have to do is heat a few up in your oven, or just let them defrost for later on in the day. Other products, like our scones, are uncooked, ready to bake! There’s nothing better than a fresh scone, hot out of the oven, with a little butter and jam!

Thanks for dropping by our website. We look forward to getting to know you and supplying you with our gluten free cakes.


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